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Current Technology

The new generation of Current Technology surge protection devices (SPDs) offers MasterMind Monitoring, with advanced power quality data to identify power issues at a fraction of the normal cost. 


Selenium Enhanced: Our Select® SL3™ suppression filter systems provide selenium-enhanced surge protection along with a powerful, failure-free, integrated suppression module that includes copper busing, robust filtering, individually thermally fused TPMOVs, and more.

TransGuard — TG3™ Series: Includes everything found in the premium SL3 system without selenium enhancement.

External Mounting: Choose our PX3™ suppression system when you need an externally mounted surge solution that can be physically attached to the top or bottom of any panelboard.

MasterMind™ Monitoring Options: The Current Technology MasterMind™ Monitoring system offers multiple levels of advanced, multi-function, Power Quality monitoring for SL3™, TG3™, and PX3™ suppression filter systems. A robust, full-featured system, the MasterMind provides real time data on product performance and distribution system power quality.